A downloadable fortune teller for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

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You have stumbled upon a mysterious fortune teller machine.  Find out what wisdom she has for you!


A short fortune teller experience using an original deck of 22 cards loosely based on the Rider-Waite-Smith major arcana.  Includes a Gallery for viewing all the card illustrations along with a short description of their meaning.

Content advisory:  Several card illustrations contain nudity.


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The_Owl-Woman_Oracle-1.0-mac.zip 82 MB
The_Owl-Woman_Oracle-1.0-pc.zip 100 MB
com.meagantrott.owlwomanoracle-100-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 87 MB


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hello! this is such a neat creation and your art is AMAZING! i was wondering if you have ever considered printing the deck? I would purchase it in a heartbeat.

I actually did run a Kickstarter to fund a print run of the deck this past summer, and I still have a small handful of extra stock left over!  You can purchase one by Paypal-ing $32 USD ($35 is outside the US) to meagantrott@gmail.com.  Include a mailing address and "OWO" in the comment.
Thanks for checking out my game!  <3

I threw your game into one of my indie romps, drew the sacrifice and for love and it said I was guarded so I asked my girlfriend about it. Here I thought I was doing alright XD

Your game starts at 6:20

Haha, full disclosure, a lot of the Love readings were influenced by my experiences in couples' counseling with my partner.  XD  Thanks for checking out OWO!

For three days in a row I've pulled the Tower card for Love each day. Good times, anyways, love the art in this glad you were able to complete the deck.

Thanks!  It's cool to know that some folks are doing a daily card draw thing with OWO (sorry you're getting such intense results! O_O)

I made a little video! I loved the art style so so so so much. That was interesting.

Thank you! <3

I really enjoyed this! The art and style is simply amazing and every card looks completely different! Great job!

Thank so much!  Great video!

Beautiful evocative imagery. Well-spoken interpretations as well.

Thanks!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it!